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Grounds For Divorce in Kentucky

Kentucky is a pure no-fault state. When filing for a divorce in Kentucky, there is no need to point out the spouse's misconduct as a reason for the breakup.

The only valid ground for divorce prescribed by the state law is "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage," which means that the spouses cannot get along together anymore, and there is no hope for reconciliation.

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Outstanding job, very easy to use and the phone calls to double check with me was impressive.

Travis S.
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Great customer service and very easy to use. I have not actually filed yet using the plus so I cannot attest to that experience; but for now I would highly recommend.

Aaron F.
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This was a hands off process for me. It was smooth, painless and inexpensive process. I would totally recommend this program to others.

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The application process is very quick and simple. The price is affordable and it’s money well spent!

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We were looking for a quick and simple divorce and received it. This company made creating, editing, and expediting the divorce too easy.

Jessica J.
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Multiple revisions because she kept changing and trying to getting her to agree. But always fast revisions and ready to file now.

Timothy H.
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i just started my process. so far so good i hope i can get everything done be at peace.

lourdy h.
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I was worried about doing the online divorce. This website has made the process easy and took away the fear I had of filing for the divorce in the first place.

Rebecca M.
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I was married young, as a single struggling mother, I needed step by step guidance and this took all of the stress from my shoulders! It was very easy and I am so ready to begin this next part of my life. Thank you so much!!

Courtney L.
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